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Laica VT3117 vakuuma iekārta / aparāts

Laica VT3117 vakuuma iekārta  / aparāts
Zīmols: Laica
Preces kods: VT3117
Pieejamība: Ir pieejams
Cena: € 91.00 € 83.50

The best way to keep unchanged the freshness and
flavor of your food

 Vacuum packaging is a modern packaging
technology for food products
 Extracts air from food products and hermetically
seals them
 Vacuum packaging increases the life of foodstuffs
by 3 to 4 times
 Completely automatic
 Compressor 12 L/min
 Vacuum level at compressor ‐800 mbar
 Adjustable vacuum pressure: NORMAL or GENTLE
 Adjustable sealing time based on the food to be
packaged: DRY or MOIST food
 Equipped with: 10 bags (20x30 cm) and 1 roll
(20x200 cm)
 Mains powered
 Product in compliance with European Regulation
for safety
 Packed in a 4‐color display box
 Guaranteed for 2 years

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